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3D Explainer Videos


3D Explainer Videos

This is one area that’s really hotting up. In the race to outshine your competitors, getting a 3D explainer video made is a power move.

Just one little problem…. aren’t they expensive?
Well, yeah they can be, but not as much more as you might think. Obviously it takes a lot more work to make 3D explainer videos but with clever scripting and design the pricing can be kept under control.
Let’s look at some options.

3D Motion Design

In this style we use moving graphics rather than animated characters. It’s a big area of interest for corporates.

Below we use 3D in a 2D type of world.

Here’s another example.


3D Character Animation

This kind of style can be great for brand storytelling (see our article here).
It can be a lot more work however. The below video took almost 800 hours of animation and around 725 hours of rendering across a bank of 5 computers. .


Product Videos

Here a 3D rendering of the product is created. It’s possible to use the engineering/CAD drawings of the product to make this very realistic. As an example of a 3D product video, see the glasses in the below video (at the 6 second point).


So are 3D Explainer Videos a Thing Yet?

People are waking up to the possibilities. These videos are becoming more accessible to regular businesses as companies such as ourselves grow in capability.

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