Explainer Videos with Fast Turnaround

How do you make a good explainer video, quickly? Who can help produce a video in this way? In this article we’ll talk about making explainer videos with fast turnaround.   But first, the question…   What is Fast? A normal turnaround time is 6 – 8 weeks at most studios for a 60 sec … Continued


Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Motion graphics explainer videos are videos that use professional, moving graphics instead of animated characters. They’re also commonly called infographic videos. These types of videos typically use morphing graphics, facts, figures, “kinetic” typography and interesting transitions between scenes.   But actually…   A note for the purists: For many people the term motion graphics refers … Continued

Animated Explainer Video for MMEG

Animated Videos for Charities

Here at Piehole.TV we love making animated videos for charities. Not only is it a chance to make a video that can help improve lives, it’s usually also a chance to do great creative work. You see, charities are unburdened by those unnecessary product features that are so tempting to include in a corporate video. … Continued

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The Making of: Jewish Board – Cortnie’s Story

A year ago, back in 2016, we had made a very special video for the Jewish Board of New York. It was about a person named Tom, whose life was transformed by the support he received from the Jewish Board as a boy. For us, the video was special in another way too – it … Continued