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3D Logo Animation

A logo animation is a super-useful piece of content. You can use it on a lots of different videos and it’s an easy way to slap on a bit of production value if your available budgets weren’t really amazing to begin with. And getting it made in 3D… well, that’s just that little bit cooler. … Continued


Video Adverts for Facebook and Youtube

Making good video adverts for Facebook, Youtube etc is a marketing priority for many companies. The challenge is that production costs can be high – then you still need to pay to promote the ads, without knowing in advance what your return is going to be.   In this article we tell you how to … Continued

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Explainer Videos for Agencies

As an agency, video can be an important part of your marketing efforts and those of your clients. With 73% of marketers saying that video converts better than any other medium, it can be a powerful tool to get right for your clients. In our experience making explainer videos for agencies there are some unique … Continued


Explainer Videos with Fast Turnaround

How do you make a good explainer video, quickly? Who can help produce a video in this way? In this article we’ll talk about making explainer videos with fast turnaround.   But first, the question…   What is Fast? A normal turnaround time is 5 – 10 weeks at most studios for a 60 sec … Continued