Seni enjoyed working on this challenging project.

The Making of Green Arrow Labs’ Explainer Video

We recently worked with Bob Whitehead, CEO of Green Arrow Labs, on an animated overview video for his company. Here’s how things went down.     The Brief The brief from Bob was to create a compelling video to sit front-and-centre on his homepage. He wanted it to be visually-striking and professional. And definitely not … Continued


3D Explainer Videos

This is one area that’s really hotting up. If you’re trying to make your competitors look like visual illiterates then the 3D explainer video is the way to go for you.     Just one little problem…. aren’t they expensive?     Well, yeah they can be, but not as much more as you might … Continued

Animated Explainer Video for MMEG

Explainer Videos that Work Without Sound

People like making videos that work without sound these days. It’s kind of a trend. And the reason? Social media platforms often auto-play in silence. Also, people at work don’t always have headsets handy and so may prefer to watch in silence without disturbing colleagues. If you’ve ever shown your video to someone while out-and-about, … Continued


Explainer Videos for Healthcare

Here at Piehole.TV we do a lot of videos in the medical space and in healthcare generally. Yes, despite our weird name we do have clients in serious industries! 🙂 In this article we’ll show a few ideas relating to explainer videos for healthcare. So then…here we go:     Idea #1: Clean Styling Here … Continued