Givit Explainer Video


One of our favourite new clients presented at Demo 2012 today in California.  Judging by the response on Twitter, they pretty much rocked it.  Givit have a really cool product – video editing software for Dummies.  Givit unboringifies your videos in an instant – much like instagram does for photos.


We just finished creating their explainer video to show how the product works.  Here it is:

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The main requirement from Givit was to add as much creativity and flair as possible to the video.  They’re a creative product, and need a creative video. They also really liked the idea of combining animation and real live footage.


We started off by  presenting 3 script concepts to them, they immediately liked the one that pokes fun at hipsters. That made us smile.  We filmed some travel footage in Santiago also – we chose a Juggler in the end as the showcase footage, as it was most interesting to show the features of the app, how you can use fast and slow motion to edit your footage.


I love the app – do download it go to

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