Benefits of marketing your app with an explainer video

An explainer video for your app can bring several benefits to boost user engagement and downloads.
People nowadays are really short of time and they would prefer to watch a video no longer than a minute instead of reading big chunks of endless text and they can see exactly what is your app all about.

Instead of having people to read your website, or look at screenshots, with an explainer videos you can showcase your app and get straight to the point in a very short time.

Keeping the video under 1 minute will help to get your point across quickly by watching the app in use and the key features, app users will get a better idea of how to navigate your app efficiently and will understand it better.

A video will add credibility to your app and it will show that you are serious about your app. As competition on mobile app stores is getting tougher with many apps released each day people are becoming more cautious about some apps which are not worth downloading.

Using great animations, special effects, music and voice over you can not only explain your app better and get people excited about it also you will create an emotional connection. If they don’t download your app straight away, it will help them remember it.

As people watch and enjoy the videos, they can often choose to share them with their friends. Enough shares, and a video goes viral, receiving hundreds or even thousands of hits a day.



In this example below for givit we incorporated a mixture of real-life footage and animation to explain the application.

<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300"></embed>


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