How to create a video with a start up budget


Video can be a powerful way to engage, entertain and education your customers and get them pumped to use your product. Making a high quality video is harder and more expensive than it seems. Here are some really important tips for the creation of an explainer video with a start up budget.

Create a script

The biggest single problem with writing a script is that people always put to much information about their product. The real thing is that people don’t really care about your product. If you going to spend a whole video talking all about your technical features chances are that people are not going to watch the whole video  trough to the end, most people tend to switch off after 44 seconds.

You can write or paste your script here in our online script timer. If can get your point across in less than 44 seconds your are doing it right.


Once you have a winning script in hand, it’s time to record a voiceover. Have an amazing voice over, so many explainer video have that young american guy that is kind of boring, most people do that so why can you try something different you can try some one with a different accent for example: British accent someone with distinted personality instead of going for the thing that everybody else does.


Find an amazing music that goes with your video because if you don’t have a huge budget for animation you can still make your video stand out by having an amazing soundtrack and it makes such a big difference to the production value of your video.


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