Explainer video design process



Here is our design process in order to create a great looking video. We follow these really important steps  below to achieve the best results.


Step 1:  Script

We present the script to you, which we workshop and tweak until perfection. Once you are 90% happy with script, the designers can start working with look and feel.


Step 2: Look and Feel

Based on the brief and 90%-there-script, we’ll present a “look and feel” of our proposed design for your video.

This will be a single frame.jpg and it is only to create a design style for you to see:

  • Colours
  • Style
  • Characters


Step 3: Storyboard

Now you get to see how your video is going to look, scene by scene! Yay! For step 3 to start, step 1 and 2 have to be approved and completed. At the storyboard stage, we can keep tweaking the storyboard until you’re 100% happy with all the scenes in the video and make as many changes as needed.

No more changes to the script or brief beyond this point.


Step 4: Voice

We present a selection of voice clips to choose from.

Once you’ve found your favourite voice, we will brief them to do the full script recorded.

Step 5: Animation

Once we have the final voice and storyboard, animation can commence. This typically takes 1 week to 10 days. We’ll present the animated video, and then make ny corrections if necessary


Step 6: Sound

This step can only start once step 5 is signed off and approved. The pictures have to be 100% complete, because sound effects have to be timed perfectly to the visuals.

Any sound changes or corrections can be made, and…TA-DA! Your video is complete!


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