Why an explainer video is so important for any startup company?

Explainer videos have become quite popular these days. The trend has taken such a toll in the last few years that the absence of such a video may directly affect your search engine ranking.
Statistics reveal that visitors who watch video stay two minutes longer on your website and are 64% more likely to purchase than other websites with out a video, 68% of people who watch a video share it and 500 tweets every minute contain video links.


Interestingly, these facts are backed by solid true stories of huge start-ups which used video tools to gain popularity. It may surprise you but a short explainer video has contributed greatly to the huge success of some of the major social media phenomena today. Pinterest is only one of the examples in this aspect.


No matter which industry you belong to and the kind of service/product you deal in, an animated explainer video will lend you instant credibility and following. So, if you really wish to leverage the chances of your start-up’s success, an animated intro video will give you the required boost.

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