What is video marketing?


Video marketing is the process of  incorporating videos to explain any product or service of a company in a format of a video. Online video or web video marketing is not a new term for online businesses, but it is certainly a powerful tool and we cannot deny the fact that it still continues to evolve over time.

The video then needs to be distributed effectively so that people actually get to see it, and that’s where video marketing comes in.

The most common way to market a video is to host this on your website and video hosting sites such as Youtube and Vimeo. By hosting on your website, you are marketing to people who are already visiting your site, creating an unrivalled level of engagement through effective direct marketing.

When a video is hosted on a social media site such as YouTube this video is there ready to been seen by a whole host of fresh eyes. Yet it needs to be marketed in a way that is targeted to the right eyes. You want to promote a service or a product and you want to engage with users so they will visit your website. In this case, you want to create brand awareness. However just like with search engines, it’s crucial that your video is actually seen by users, and video marketing is proving to be the answer.


What are the benefits of video marketing?

There are countless benefits for videos in business marketing. Video marketing needs to be created and managed correctly for it to be effective. If not, your video will be as visible as plankton is in the ocean. It is crucial that your video is seen and that you are seen as a result.

• Brand Awareness
• Engage with Social Media
• Gaining Links
• Increased Online Visibility
• Improved Visitors and Sales
• Video connects you/your business with your target audience effectively in shortest time frame.
• Video is fun and interesting over the old boring text content.
• Video convey the marketing message very clearly.
• Videos are accessible on multiple devices like ipod, PC, laptops, cell phones and many more.


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