Video Analytics Tools

With these video analytics tools you can see  how many people are currently watching your videos, discover your most popular geographic regions, view your audience’s attention span, see how your videos are performing, set your goals  and much much more.

1. Vidyard

Vidyard is an expert business video hosting and analytics provider.  With a stunning custom video player and real-time analytics. Vidyard is perfect for anyone looking for a custom solution. Some key metrics include views, average attention span, minutes watched and most popular region.

2.Vimeo Analytics

Vimeo offers basic and  advanced analytics. Basic analytics are available to everyone, but only Vimeo Plus users can access the advanced analytics ($9.95/month).

Advanced analytics show comments, likes, total loads and total plays by day. Vimeo Plus also allows you to view analytics on embedded videos and your demographic. Vimeo is perfect for anyone looking to launch a high-quality, creative video on a budget.

3. YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is a self-service tool that gives you detailed statistics on your videos and your viewers. It’s an easy and powerful way to discover which videos and themes work best for your audience. Once you know, you can adjust your videos to reach more viewers, deepen their engagement, and sell more of your products.

Fortunately, YouTube also offers more advanced analytics. Channel subscriber changes, video engagement, demographics – the list goes on. This is an ideal choice for anyone on a small budget.

4.Google Analytics

Yet another industry leader has made its way to the list. Google Analytics, with some fine-tuning, can be used to provide video analytics as well. One of the easiest ways to track video analytics is using the Event Tracking feature. Simply select “Video” as the category, select the action you want to analyze (play, pause, stop, finished) and add a name for the label.

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