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Explainer Videos for Healthcare


Explainer Videos for Healthcare

Here at Piehole.TV we do a lot of videos in the medical space and in healthcare generally. Yes, despite our weird name we do have clients in serious industries! 🙂 In this article we’ll show a few ideas relating to explainer videos for healthcare.

So then…here we go:

Idea #1: Clean Styling

Here we’re talking about a minimal look… simple colors and interesting transitions.


Idea #2: Stock Video

With some clever scripting and good graphics & styling you can go a long way with stock footage. Read more in our article about making a video from stock footage.


Idea #3: Storytelling

This is great for demonstrating your product and keeping the eyeballs glued to your video. If you’re looking for a very high level branding-focussed story, then also have a read through our article about brand storytelling.


Other Ideas

The creative options are pretty much endless. For more style examples have a quick look at our super-comprehensive list of video styles.

There you have it… a few ideas about explainer videos for healthcare. If you want to discuss ideas for your video then get in touch (as in now!).