3D Logo Animation


3D Logo Animation

A logo animation is a super-useful piece of content. You can use it as part of lots of your video content and it’s an easy way to slap on a bit of production value to your videos especially if your available budgets weren’t really amazing to begin with. And getting it made in 3D… well, that’s just that little bit cooler.

Here are two example 3D logo animations we made earlier.



The Ultimate in Corporate Vanity?

Seeing your logo play out in slick 3D… it’s enough to get any CEO excited. It’s a testament to your corporate prowess and even to capitalism itself! (well, kinda, we suppose).


Ways to Animate your Logo

There are many different options creatively but broadly speaking you can create your logo animation in 2D or 3D. A style in 2D is usually easier to execute and so is a bit cheaper than 3D logo animation. Whatever style you use it’s a good idea to keep with the personality of your company. Here below is an example in 2D.


Source Files

Also keep in mind that you might want to display your logo on different backgrounds, depending on your video content, so make sure you keep the source files handy.

How to get a 3D Logo Animation Made

Just find yourself an animator or a video studio. An explainer video studio with a good 3D portfolio will be able to help you out. Hint: talk to us!


The Rest of your Video?

So you have a 3D logo animation but what about other video content? Check out our list of explainer video styles to get some ideas.