5 Unconventional Explainer Videos


5 Unconventional Explainer Videos

Having made a ton of videos, we know that each one is different. Clients have hugely different needs and preferences and so in reality there’s no such thing as a standard video. Even so, once in a while we get asked to something that is even more unusual than usual, and it’s to those wonderful clients that’s this article is dedicated to.


#1: Snakes

We recently filmed a Python developer with a real python. How cool is that? It put the bejeebers into our producers but what a fun shoot!

#2: Zombies

Here’s a company that’s not afraid to make waves. We recently made this series of bold, fun videos for Inquisit.


#3: Puppets

Puppets are old-school and plenty of fun. Not many clients are ready to take the leap but what a shame.


#4: Animals

A friendly, fun video is always a good way to get people interested.


#5: Real dude, animated world

In this video we filmed a real person and had them move into an animated world. The project had a very tight deadline so it was very technically challenging to deliver. We love that the client went for something a bit different here.

Ok so there it was, as promised – 5 unconventional explainer videos. That leaves just one question: what will your one-of-a-kind video be?