Best Company Videos of 2017


Best Company Videos of 2017

Another year has passed and we thought we’d put together a list of our best company videos of 2017, taken out of our portfolio. It’s a totally subjective list – we made a lot of videos this year – but the idea is to try give you a few ideas when researching styles. We know it’s tough to find good video examples as a lot of the high-ranking Google results are often identi-kit type of videos so hopefully this type of article helps. You can also have a look at our explainer video examples post for more ideas.

10. Private Internet Access

We chose this video because scripting-wise it uses an interesting visual analogy, making it fun without going over-the-top haha.


9. Careconnect

Slick transitions, nice animation and it is also a totally achievable style on real world budgets.


8. Jewish Board

This is a story-telling type of style with hand-drawn artwork by our team members.


7. Senra

A nice high-level overview video without too much unnecessary product detail.


6. Clean Energy

A good example of a “business-casual” character animation.


5. Kaiser Permanente

Informal and easy to watch.


4. Asus

Sexy, fast-paced 3D product demo combined with footage.



Created using 3D elements in a flat 2D world. We think this kind of style is really cool for corporate clients.


2. Tilleo

Bold, fun… exactly the type of video we like to make!


1. Peanut King

For our top spot we picked this feel-good brand story we created out of detailed 3D character animation.