7 Funny Explainer Videos that will make you Chuckle


7 Funny Explainer Videos that will make you Chuckle

Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? Because they taste funny. Eyeball roll! Gag! Gag! Barf! Moving on… In this article we’ll show you some examples of funny explainer videos
killer clown

As promised here are 7 videos that use humor to build their brands:
1. ChartIO
Data management can be fun! Here’s an example of deadpan humor (and the ultimate computer nerd joke, cracks ‘em up every time.)

2. Tilleo
These guys aren’t like those stuffy boring educational institutions. Here they’ve used humor to prove it.

3. 2080 Financial
The brief here was… whatever you do, don’t make us look like boring accountants. Accountants generally don’t use shocking humor (or any humor for that matter) so the task was easy.

4. Presstler
Some startups need to make a bang. They have limited marketing budget and limited time to test the product and bring it to market. Doing a cheeky, in-your-face video can help.

5. Black Gold
This app can help your company cope with emergencies. Even zombie attacks.


6. Friend or Follow
Because sometimes puppets are funnier than humans.


7. Piehole.TV Dance Video
We couldn’t make this list without including our own dance video. Because sometimes there’s nothing as funny as a bunch of people making a fool out of themselves.


Funny Explainer Videos: Good idea or not?

Marketing nerds across the world have been pontificating about whether or not to use humor in their branding and explainer videos. It’s already so hard to get noticed online, and sometimes humor can make it easier. But there are reasons for and against making funny explainer videos for your brand.

Reasons against making a funny video

  1. Humor is polarizing. Did you love or hate that clown joke? Not everyone has the same taste
  2. You could risk offending segments of your target market
  3. You often need to sacrifice clarity of message for humor
  4. If you’re generally a “serious” brand, using humor can compromise your brand image

Reasons for making funny explainer videos

  1. Humor gets you noticed and people remember you better
  2. Humor brings down people’s natural sales resistance
  3. People are more likely to share funny content online
  4. Easier to build a rapport if people can have a laugh with your brand
  5. If you’re generally a “non-serious” brand, humor will strengthen your brand image

Use humor if it goes with your brand image. Also remember, it’s not just about being “laugh out loud funny”. Bringing in humor could be as simple as:

  • Saying things in a non-generic way
  • Having a conversational tone of voice
  • Having a quirky/interesting visual analogy
  • Any bit of flair that stands out from pack

    Thinking of making a funny explainer video for your business? Get in touch today!