Piehole.TV Alliance Program


Piehole.TV Alliance Program

Piehole.TV has an alliance program where we team up with agencies, corporates, production houses and others to help them meet their goals.


the problem

You want to create an amazing video that engages, entertains and persuades your prospects.
You want it to look award winning quality, you need it FAST (time is a tickin’), but of course — you’ve only got a third of the expected budget.


the Alternatives

You could try a discount service – From a place you can’t spell.
They say they do everything, but turns out they don’t even speak your language.
Aside from production, you have to do everything else.

Your video proof arrives – but so do the tears, your reputation will be trashed.
It is so far off and you’ve only got two “edits” left – but it needs a total re-do!
You quickly shop around, you hear times like 8 weeks…but your deadline is three…



The BIG Question

Where do you find a place (in this entire world) to

  • Get all the help you need,
  • Produce amazing quality (Personality would be a plus)
  • Is FAST and fits your budget?


Perhaps you should consider…



Five main reasons to consider Piehole.TV



1. Complete Creative Services
  • All Production Elements
  • Concepts, award-winning scripting, design, lighting, sound engineering, voice over, directing, filming, animation, etc.
  • All video types
    • Includes commercials, educational, explainers, corporate, social ads, tutorials to complete video series
    • All video styles
      • Live actions shoots, 2D, 3D, whiteboard, character/cartoon, motion graphics, screencasting, cell animation, stop motion, kinetic typography, cut-outs, etc.
    • All Market Segments
  • Specialty
    • Complex tech products (with the associated 3D animations)
    • Finance and medical 
      • Financial expert and medical doctor on team



2. Original Personality
  • With a saucy and slightly irreverent name like Piehole.TV—being unique (yet good) is a specialty!
  • The team is creative, intense – but fun (or why come to work!)
  • Piehole.TV is a native English speaking team – no cultural barriers, no language barriers
  • Yet originality is not for its own sake
  • Numerous industry awards, and notable return clients validates the results


The Piehole.TV Team


3. Awesome Animation & Video Quality
  • In-House Team of real “artists”
    • Not just clip art assemblers
  • Illustrators, designers, true animators
  • Advanced techniques only found in big budget productions
  • Custom Animation
    • Do NOT just use stock, generic animation libraries, stick figures and prefab software effects
    • Your affordable video looks high-end
    • You don’t risk having the same look and exact same characters as your competitors
  • 2D with a Splash of 3D
    • You may be surprised to find high-end 3D often mixed in for effect, or
    • live video integrated with animation
  • Fluid Animation
    • Get proper rigged characters (no powerpoint ‘esque movements, stick characters or basic clipart manipulation)
      • Typically unheard of at affordable pricing
  • Rich Environments
    • Get detailed backdrops, lots of moving parts
    • Versus just a few frames and a lot of voiceover time
    • That’s the Piehole.TV advantage and why there are so many happy customers



4. Blazing Fast Production Time
  • Not every project is an emergency, but it can become one if your current source goes “quiet”
    • Piehole.TV quality videos can take 2-4 weeks, shorter if needed…but try to be kind 😉
  • In-House Dedication
    • Tight video schedules require a tight team
    • All on task and in-sync, pulling all-nighters when needed
  • Extreme Project Management
    • Basecamp project management is our friend, ruled by a dedicated project manager
    • Ensuring project deadlines are adhered to
    • Providing daily transparency – so you always know your project is on schedule
    • In fact, we’ve NEVER missed a single deadline!



5. Price Performance Leader
  • Quality – within Reach
    • Get big city New York quality—at small town Nebraska prices
    • Piehole.TV team is based in British English-based South Africa
      • Much lower cost of living, much lower expenses = much lower prices without sacrificing high-end quality)
      • Unique benefit that you can take advantage of
      • And you can understand the language
      • Plus the team works Eastern Standard Time—always accessible
  • Multi-Video Discount
    • Substantial discounts for video series
      • Can re-use existing elements
      • Saves the team time, it saves your budget
  • Affordable Live Action
    • You may need animation, or a live action television ready production
    • The “Cape” talent is renown
    • The affordable pricing makes your budget stretch
    • As does your smile when you see the final result.
  • Happiness Guaranteed
    • What’s a price without assurance
    • We don’t stop until you are completely happy
      • Even if we occasionally lose a little here or there—but we know you’ll be back again



How we work together

  • Business Models
    • Overflow – use us when internal team gets jammed
      • Don’t miss out on smaller projects (not profitable to do internally)
    • Increase capabilities
    • Refer us – make nothing
    • Refer us – make a “referral fee”
    • You are the primary, sub out
    • Client doesn’t know
      • White label
      • We have your business card – think we are your video arm
  • You are the primary, sub out, client knows, you project manage it
  • Outsource – Part or All
    • Outsource animation
    • Outsource full production
    • Outsource post-production

Click HERE to view “How We Work Together” PDF


Picture this

You have your video Premier

  • The team loves it
  • The neighbors love it
  • Your kids love it
  • The dog loves it
  • Your customers love it ~ Cha ching  
  • Even your boss loves it!


Group Hug!



What’s next?

  • Put us on your approved vendor list
  • Let’s make a video!