Making great video is a labor of love and each project is different. In general the pricing will depend on the complexity and duration of the video(s). Would you like to get a quote on your project? Get in touch now.

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Sarah Hardwick

Zenzi team



John Dumas

Entrepreneur on Fire

“Priscilla was simply incredible to work with. She was responsive, contributed very creative ideas, and stayed super positive throughout the entire journey. I would recommend Piehole to anyone looking for an explainer video!”

Ritu Raj

“If you are like me I had an idea of an Animation spot. Piehole, slowly and patiently worked through the process of creating the animation. Tougher than producing the video is to get the script, message development, character development, sound etc.. I loved and trusted PieHole. I would create another one soon. Highly recommended.”

Dania Buchanan

“Working with you guys was a pleasure. Seriously. I’ve worked with a lot of creative teams over the years, and have had some great experiences and some not so great ones too. The process you guys follow, the iterative rhythm we fell into and the guidance you guys gave to ensure we stayed true to the initial vision helped ensure the end result was brilliant!”

Seamus Kerrigan


“Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job with this video. You managed it so well and professionally from start to finish and it was a real pleasure working together on it! Thanks to everybody who worked on this also, in particular the designer had a great vision and understanding for what I wanted.”

Nat Wallen

Agent Converter

“I just finished my second video with Piehole TV. The whole team was super responsive, very creative and helped me make 2 great videos for my online business. I am actually getting ready to start my 3rd…so I guess you can say I am a very satisfied customer and ready for more good stuff from Piehole. Thanks!”

Eric Bjerstedt

“I’d like to echo Danielle’s message. We are very happy with the video it’s a big part of our public launch today and we enjoyed working with you throughout the process. Thanks for helping us produce something great in such a short period of time.”

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