Video Adverts for Facebook and Youtube


Video Adverts for Facebook and Youtube

Making good video adverts for Facebook, Youtube etc is a marketing priority for many companies.
The challenge is that production costs can be high – then you still need to pay to promote the ads, without knowing in advance what your return is going to be.
In this article we tell you how to nail your production the smart way, i.e more bang, less buck and less schmuck.


How much does a video advert cost to make?

First things first…. budgets! The costs can vary a lot depending on what you’re making and who’s making it for you. In general companies will charge $2k-$6k for a professionally-executed advert and $6k-$30k if you need a film shoot or are making a very high-end piece of work.

But here’s a hot tip….
You can make big savings if you create your advert(s) as part of a bigger production such as a company overview video. You’ll also save if you create more adverts. The reason is because you’ll be re-using existing styling/assets and your creator can also negotiate discounts on other factors such as voiceover and sound design. Making several video adverts is often a good idea anyway. Experienced marketers like to test different combinations of adverts and audiences, especially when it comes to Facebook ads.

Here are the cost factors involved in making an advert:

  1. scripting
  2. animation and editing
  3. filming/stock-footage
  4. voiceover
  5. sound design

Making a slick-looking ad takes more time than you might think and so you should be prepared to pay more for a better advert.

Creative Options

When making video adverts, the creative options are endless. These include filming, photography, illustration, animation and everything in-between. But broadly speaking we can break things down into live action or animation.

Live Action:

Filming can get expensive but there are ways to reduce cost such as simplifying a shoot or avoiding filming altogether by using stock footage. Here’s an example of a Facebook advert we made.



Animation offers a lot of creative flexibility when it comes to creating content.

Here below is one ad in a series of adverts that we made for Youtube.


6-second Video Adverts

These types of snackable videos are an effective form of advertising that are increasing in popularity especially on Youtube. This format has huge benefits in terms of production because you can re-purpose existing campaigns such as print, TV or 15-second pieces.

Mobile-friendly Adverts

If your adverts are for mobile view then it’s helpful to create it in portrait view (see below). From a production standpoint the artwork needs to be re-worked to fit in this format so make sure that you inform your video creator beforehand.



Making video adverts for Facebook, Youtube etc can be an awesome way to promote your brand. If you’re smart about production you can get a better creative result for your spend.