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Explainer Videos that Work Without Sound


Explainer Videos that Work Without Sound

People like making videos that work without sound these days. It’s kind of a trend. And the reason? Social media platforms often auto-play in silence. Also, people at work don’t always have headsets handy and so may prefer to watch in silence without disturbing colleagues. If you’ve ever shown your video to someone while out-and-about, e.g. in a cafe, you’d have noticed that with all the distractions they tend not to focus on the audio or the finer details. For these reasons many people are choosing to create videos that work in silence.

In effect, …
By making sure that your video can be watched in more real-life situations you get more juice out of your investment. But not so fast… this strategy is not for everyone.


How to Script Up these Suckers

These videos work best with short, simple sentences and concepts. That way the scenes can transition into each other better and the viewer doesn’t feel confused.

If your script is very story-based, without typography, then it can actually be really difficult. It is easier with cold, hard facts because you can just state them in text and people will generally understand. However with a story you’d be amazed at how different people perceive the same visual narrative in totally different ways. The key in this case is extreme simplicity… as in keep it to only one key message or plot-line.


Examples of Videos that work without Sound

In this video below we use a limited amount of text and morph one scene into the next.

Here’s another example.


When not to do it

If your video has lots of content or is fairly technical, then following this strategy may backfire slightly because people may find the video confusing. In that case you can always add a voiceover afterwards but you may regret the strategy if you find your message is not coming across. But we’re a fan of keeping things simple anyway and we think this is a good idea for many companies to at least consider.


Other Theatres of Operation

Explainer videos without sound are sometimes used in other places. For example in conferences, where they may be autoplaying at a booth. You also see shorter videos used as backgrounds on landing pages or tutorials.

That brings us to the end of our little article. Got a perspective to share? Let us know!