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Motion Graphics Explainer Videos


Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Motion graphics explainer videos are videos that use professional, moving graphics instead of animated characters. They’re also commonly called infographic videos. These types of videos typically use morphing graphics, facts, figures, “kinetic” typography and interesting transitions between scenes.
But actually…
A note for the purists: For many people the term motion graphics refers to something else – it refers to the graphics you put on top of live action footage. So a better term for these videos is probably something like “motion design” (which is what we call em). Anyway, lots of people call it a motion graphic explainer video so let’s just go with it!

Here’s an example:


Why are Motion Graphics Explainer Videos Popular?

Motion graphic explainer videos look professional and they’re good at explaining complicated concepts. These videos are also reflective of a bit of a blowback against the identikit cartoon videos that many companies made in the past.

What are their Characteristics?

In these videos, graphics will morph, shift and transition into other things. The emphasis is often on concepts and processes, rather than story-lines and the video may be heavy on facts, figures and “kinetic typography”.


2D Motion Graphics

Here’s a sample in 2D.


3D Motion Graphics

And here’s a sample in 3D.


What other Styles are There?

If you’re looking to make a professional, corporate video there are other styles of videos to consider too. For example, you could use live action or live action stock footage. You can also have a look at our list of explainer video styles.